Continuous Predictive Inverter Optimisation for South Africans

The simplest and most efficient way to optimise your inverter and solar panels.

Powerpilot Energy Optimisation

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Powerpilot has been created by a team of South African experts from various fields, including software development, machine learning, building automation and solar installations. Their combined expertise was critical in developing a world-class product for the South African Market.

Our technical commitment to researching and understanding the equipment and how the various components interact with each other to design, implement and manage your infrastructure.

Our team offers a complete solution, including planning, installation and upgrades, automation, monitoring and management, whether you are planning a new installation or have an existing system.


Powerpilot Energy Optimisation

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Victron Quattro 8kva

Solar Panels:

Home Automation:
ELAN, C-Bus and Shelly

Powerpilot continuously analyses the battery status, expected load shedding, weather and consumption to dynamically optimise our system. C-Bus triggers control my pool pump when excess solar energy is available, and switches it off when the battery is below 30%.

The best part about Powerpilot is that I no longer need to worry about charging the batteries in bad weather. The batteries have not discharged below 30% since we implemented Powerpilot, while also saving on my electricity bill.

Sunsynk 8kw

Solar Panels:

Home Automation:

Before implementing Powerpilot, we always had fully charged batteries, except during load-shedding. However, the solar panels were generating more energy than needed during the day, and it wasn't being put to good use.

With the help of Powerpilot, the batteries are allowed to discharge in the morning to make space for the excess energy generated by the solar panels during the day. Our batteries are now always charged and ready for load-shedding but used efficiently at other times. We were also able to optimise our geyser schedule to make better use of the available solar energy.


Powerpilot is a proudly South African product developed by South Africans specifically for the South African market. Speak to our team of specialists about how we can optimise your solar installation.



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