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Intelligently control your home or office, incorporating solar, lighting, security, cameras and more.

Powerpilot Home/Office Automation

What we offer

Powerpilot Home/Office Automation offers a complete home or office automation solution customised to your needs. Our unique solutions can automate your home to fully utilise available solar energy during the day and save energy at night.

Our smart home/office solutions predict the available energy based on expected weather, installed solar capacity, battery state-of-charge and historical usage patterns to optimise your power consumption.

The following devices can be integrated into our building automation solutions:

Lighting. Automatically switch on your lights if movement is detected, and switch off unnecessary lighting during load-shedding or when the batteries are low.
CCTV Camera Systems
Security Cameras. Connect your security cameras to your building automation, allowing you to monitor your entire home from a single App on your mobile phone.
Alarm and Security. Integrate your alarm into your building automation. Automatically switch lights on when movement is detected and switch your lights off when there is no-one in the building.
Heating and Cooling
Heating and Cooling. Automatically switch your heaters and air-conditioning on when you have excess energy and switch them off when there is no one in the building, potentially saving a significant amount of power.
Expected Weather
Weather Forecast. Optimise your energy consumption based on forecast weather or thermostats in your building.
Load-shedding Schedule
Expected Load Shedding. Ensure that you have sufficient energy stored for the duration of the load-shedding and automatically switch off unnecessary devices during unscheduled power outages.
Historical Power Usage
Historical Usage Patterns. Using your historical power usage, your expected power usage for the next 48 hours will be predicted.
Historical Power Usage
Audio and Video. Control and monitor the audio and video distributed to different parts of your home or office from various sources, including internet streaming services.

Benefits of Building Automation

Powerpilot Home/Office Automation offers the following benefits:

  • Control your home/office remotely from your phone or tablet.
  • Use the available power when it is available and minimise the use of grid power.
  • Automatically switch off lights and heaters when a room is empty, saving electricity.
  • Predictive power analysis allows your battery to discharge at night, ensuring battery capacity to store excess energy the following day.
  • Reduced Electricity bill at the end of the month.
  • Batteries will be charged during Load Shedding.
  • Reduce the strain on the Eskom grid.

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Benefits Offered


Which Home/Building Automation do you supply and support?

Our preferred automation solutions are based on ELAN controllers, together with C-Bus or Shelly devices. We can also support a range of other popular systems.

Which devices can be connected to our Automation solutions?

Our automation solutions can monitor and control most electronic appliances, including energy monitors, inverters, lighting, geysers, pool pumps, thermostats, CCTV cameras and gates. It can also be integrated into various alarm/security systems.

Which inverters are supported?

Our home and office automation is currently compatible with Victron, SunSynk and Deye inverters. Certain restrictions apply to specific configurations. If you have a different type of inverter, please contact us for further information.

Will it save me money?

Our intelligent automation solutions predict your energy requirements for the following 48 hours based on expected power consumption, weather and load-shedding. Using this information, we can schedule many tasks, such as water heating, to take place when excess solar energy is available. Unnecessary equipment can also be automatically disconnected when your battery is low.

Every house has different requirements. In houses with excess solar energy available during the day, we can usually reduce your electricity bill.

Can you install/upgrade my system?

We can supply and install a new system for your home or office or manage and upgrade many existing systems.


Powerpilot is a proudly South African product developed by South Africans specifically for the South African market. Speak to our team of specialists about how we can optimise your solar installation.



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