Integrate Power Management into your ELAN Controller

Optimize your Home Automation by leveraging the power of solar energy and anticipating load-shedding.

Powerpilot ELAN Drivers

How It Works

Powerpilot ELAN Drivers integrate your solar inverter and load-shedding schedules into your ELAN home automation system, allowing you to transform your home into an eco-friendly oasis.

Our Victron and Sunsynk drivers allow events to be triggered based on inverter information such as battery state-of-charge, solar yield and expected load-shedding. Say goodbye to wasteful energy consumption and hello to a smarter, more sustainable lifestyle.

The following ELAN drivers are currently available:

Historical Power Usage
Victron Inverter Integration. Our Victron drivers are suitable for any Victron GX device connected to your network. The information available on your ELAN controller includes Battery SoC, Consumption, Grid usage and Grid Power availability.
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Personal Preferences
Deye/Sunsynk Inverter Integration. Our driver is compatible with Synsynk and Deye inverters. Control your home based on available Solar power, Consumption, Grid availability and battery State-of-Charge.
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Battery State-of-Charge
Load-shedding Schedule. Integrate your load-shedding schedule from EskomSePush directly into your controller. Automatically switch off loads before load-shedding and on again afterwards. Available for South African homes only.
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Expected Weather
Powerpilot Optimiser. Integrate Powerpilot data into your smart home, making efficient use of expected excess solar energy. Powerpilot intelligently optimises your inverter based on historical usage, expected weather and load-shedding schedules.

ELAN Integration Benefits

Powerpilot ELAN drivers enhance your home automation, improving the energy efficiency of your home automation, resulting in:

  • Reduced Electricity bill.
  • Energy-efficient scheduling of energy-intensive tasks.
  • Reduced energy-consumption during load-shedding.
  • Easily-accessible load-shedding information.
  • Always have sufficient energy stored for essential tasks during load-shedding.

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Benefits Offered


Which inverters are supported?

Our drivers currently support Victron installations with a Cerbo GX or Colour Control GX, as well as most Synsynk/Deye inverters.

Do I need an Eskomsepush API key?

Our drivers integrate your ELAN controller with Eskomsepush. You will require your own API key. API keys are available free of charge under certain conditions, including being for non-commercial use.

Do I need a Powerpilot subscription?

Our inverter and load-shedding drivers do not require a Powerpilot subscription. If you have an active Powerpilot Predictive Optimiser subscription, you might not need the load-shedding and inverter drivers, as this information is already incorporated into Powerpilot. Please contact us for further information.

How does the driver connect to a Victron inverter?

Our Victron driver connects to your inverter through your network. Your GX device must be connected to your network either using Wifi or Ethernet. No internet connection is required, and you do not need VRM access, although VRM remains an extremely capable and useful tool.

How does the driver connect to a Deye or Sunsynk inverter?

Our driver connects to your inverter through a serial port. It does not require a Wifi dongle/service. If your inverter's RS232/Wifi port is currently being used, most inverters have an RS485 port that can be used together with an RS232/RS485 converter. If you do not have an available RS232 port on your ELAN controller, you can use a supported IP/Serial adapter.

Do the drivers support parallel inverters?

Our Deye/Sunsynk driver does not yet support parallel inverters. 3-phase inverters are currently being tested. We are hoping to release a driver for parallel inverters soon. Parallel, 3-phase Victron inverters should work if they are configured on a single GX device.

Which inverter information is available?

Both inverter drivers make the basic inverter information available on your ELAN controller. This includes Grid power usage and availability, solar yield, battery state, consumption and other information. Historical data can be viewed on an ELAN graph (8.8 only). Current information can be displayed on a bar graph. Events can be triggered at predefined levels, such as when your consumption exceeds 8022 watts, or your battery drops below 32%.

How do I purchase an ELAN Driver?

Our ELAN drivers will be available to ELAN dealers via the ELAN Marketplace and DriverCentral shortly. Please contact us for information and pricing if you require them urgently or would like a free trial.


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