Optimise your Solar Installation

Continuously enhance your inverter configuration by combining consumption statistics, weather forecasts, and load-shedding information.

Powerpilot Power Optimisation

How It Works

Powerpilot Predictive Energy Optimiser is our state-of-the-art energy optimiser. By analyzing historical usage patterns, weather forecasts and load-shedding schedules, it ensures that your batteries are charged when necessary and have enough capacity for anticipated solar energy.

Our optional home automation integration allows excess solar energy to be automatically used for optional loads, like heating your pool. Non-essential loads can also be automatically disconnected when your batteries are low.

The following information is combined to continually update your inverter:

Historical Power Usage
Historical Usage Patterns. Using your historical power usage, your expected power usage for the next 24 hours will be predicted.
Personal Preferences
Your Personal Preferences. What is the purpose of your inverter? Would you like to save every possible cent or keep your batteries fully charged in case of an unexpected power outage?
Battery State-of-Charge
Current Battery State of Charge. Based on the current battery level and expected solar power and usage, a power efficiency plan is continually calculated and uploaded to your inverter.
Expected Weather
Expected Solar Yield. Advanced solar models integrate local weather, the size, angle and orientation of your solar panels, direct, ambient and reflected sunlight, moisture in the air, shadows and other factors.
Load-shedding Schedule
Expected Load Shedding Our intelligent algorithms will ensure that you have sufficient energy stored in your batteries to last for the duration of the load-shedding.
Building Automation
Building Automation Integration. Integration with existing or new Home Automation systems allows the energy optimiser to switch on optional loads when excess energy is available.

Optimisation Benefits

Powerpilot Predictive Energy Optimiser offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced Electricity bill.
  • Energy-efficient charging algorithms save unnecessary charge/discharge cycles.
  • Forget about your inverter and let it take care of itself.
  • Batteries will always be charged in time for load shedding, irrespective of the weather.
  • Efficient use of excess energy using a supported Building Automation system.
  • Reduce the strain on the Eskom grid.
  • Can be integrated into ELAN Home Automation controllers and Shelly relays.

Contact Us to find out more about our predictive energy optimiser solution.

Benefits Offered


Which inverters are supported?

Our energy optimiser is currently compatible with Victron, ATESS HPS, SunSynk and Deye inverters. Certain restrictions apply to specific models and configurations. If you have a different type of inverter, please contact us for further information.

Which factors influence the charging?

Our optimiser uses numerous factors, including historical power usage, forecast weather and load-shedding, expected shadows on the solar panels, moisture in the air, and direct, reflected and ambient sunlight. Our machine-learning model continuously predicts consumption and availability and adjusts your inverter accordingly.

Which Home/Building Automation systems are supported?

We are currently able to interface directly with Nice/ELAN, C-Bus and Shelly devices. We also have limited support for Sonoff. In addition, Nice/ELAN is able to integrate your inverter information into the ELAN display pages. We are actively developing interfaces to other automation systems based on demand.

Will it save me money?

In most cases, Powerpilot Optimiser pays for itself, while ensuring that you have power available when there is load shedding and using excessive energy to power optional loads. We will immediately advise you if we do not believe that Call us to discuss your requirements.

Can you install/upgrade my system?

We work with partners who can install inverters, solar panels, batteries and home automation systems. Contact us for more information.

How do the triggers work?

Trigger conditions are regularly evaluated based on the latest inverter data. Events such as power failures, unexpected power outages, low battery, or excess solar energy are monitored based on your requirements. If any of these conditions are detected, actions such as switching off heaters or lights can be configured.

Multiple actions can be defined for a single condition. If there is excess solar energy, for example, your geyser could switch on for 10 minutes, followed by your pool pump for 15 minutes.

Do you offer a free trial?

For a limited time, we are offering a free, no-obligation trial for houses in Gauteng with certain types of inverters. Call us today to find out if your configuration qualifies.

Is WIFI required at each installation?

Our on-site gateway communicates with our cloud servers using the internal LTE router. We have found that this is more reliable than WIFI at homes and offices.


Powerpilot is a proudly South African product developed by South Africans specifically for the South African market. Speak to our team of specialists about how we can optimise your solar installation.

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