System Evaluation for Inverters, Solar Panels and Batteries

Ensure that your solar installation is operating efficiently.

What We Do

Is your solar installation operating efficiently? Many installers install equipment without really understanding how the components interact with each other. The majority of the systems that we have seen could be operating more efficiently.

Using modern equipment, we will evaluate your system and advise you on how it could be improved. Our service includes the following testing:

Solar Irradiance Testing. We will measure the expected solar yield and compare it to the energy being generated. Are your solar panels clean and operating optimally?
Thermal Inspection. Thin wires and poor connections cause power to be converted into heat. Using a thermal camera, we will inspect your wiring to identify any poor connections.
Energy Utilisation Analysis. We will examine the statistics from your inverter to see whether the energy is being efficiently used. Is the sun still shining when your batteries are fully charged?
Recommendations. We will make recommendations on how you could improve your system. Our partners could also quote you on any upgrades if necessary, or you could use your preferred installer.


Powerpilot System Evaluation offers the following benefits:

  • Totally independent evaluation of your existing installation.
  • Identify problems before they get worse.
  • Ensure that your system is operating optimally.

Contact us to find out more about our system evalations.


Which inverters are we able to assist with?

Our team currently has extensive expertise on Sunsynk, Deye and Victron inverters. Certain limitations exist with the data that we have access to with certain configurations.

Can the evaluation be done remotely?

All evaluations will include both a site visit and analysis of logged data.

How is it possible to make solar installations more efficient?

With the recent boom in solar installations in South Africa, many installers do not really understand the configuration and operation of the equipment that they are installing. As a result, most of the systems that we look at are not optimally configured. Modern inverters and batteries are sophosticated devices requiring expert knowledge.

Powerpilot is a proudly South African product developed by South Africans specifically for the South African market. Speak to our team of specialists about how we can optimise your solar installation.



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