Automated Monitoring for Solar Installations

Automated real-time monitoring and recording of key performance metrics from your inverter.

How It Works

Powerpilot Energy Monitoring continuously records your inverter and solar panel operating environment every 5 seconds. Data is recorded every 5 minutes for evaluation.

The following information is continually collected and recorded, depending on the type of inverter:

  • Power Consumption (inverter output).
  • Inverter Input Power.
  • Solar Yield.
  • Battery State-of-charge.
  • Grid Availability.
  • Minimum and Maximum Cell Voltage.

Data received is continually analysed for up to 10 conditions, depending on the type of inverter, including the following:

  • Unscheduled power outages.
  • Regular excessive battery discharging.
  • Unexpectedly low solar yield.
  • Excessive consumption.
  • Missing solar string.
  • Cell voltage imbalance.


Powerpilot Energy Monitor offers the following benefits:

  • Historical inverter data will be available for upgrade planning.
  • You will receive proactive notifications of problems detected.
  • Your installer can monitor your installation remotely.

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Which inverters are supported?

Our energy monitoring is currently compatible with Victron, SunSynk and Deye inverters. Certain restrictions apply in certain configurations. If you have a different type of inverter, please contact us for further information.

How does it compare to my existing monitoring system?

Some inverters come with excellent monitoring tools, but others do not. If you have one of the better monitoring systems, the main benefit that we offer is the ability for your installer to monitor all of their installations on a single platform, irrespective of the type of inverter.

How much data do you store?

Most inverters are monitored at least every10 seconds. This data is stored in our database every 5 minutes. Historical data is kept for 6 months.

Powerpilot is a proudly South African product developed by South Africans specifically for the South African market. Speak to our team of specialists about how we can optimise your solar installation.



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